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In School
Drawing Sessions

Kids Draw Bob believes that strengthening a child’s well-being is about more than just academics. Our illustration lessons are designed to teach artistic techniques while keeping kids focused, engaged and entertained! Throughout these sessions, we incorporate positive lessons that revolve around the various factors affecting children’s mental health in today's society to achieve a happier, healthier mind. Drawing sessions are 100% free for schools. Kids Draw Bob provides each child with a free sketchbook and pen for the session.

For Schools:

What you need to know for your in-school drawing session.

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Donation of
Art Supplies

Teachers all over the nation work with little to no supply budget for art education in their classrooms. This causes them to rely on the kindness of the community or their own pockets to provide art supplies for their students. With a large number of classes and students to teach, supplies run out often- and quickly!

Kids Draw Bob donates art supplies to underfunded schools all over the nation to give students with little to no art experience the chance to work with as many materials as possible. Together, we will be able to help them explore their artistic talents & abilities and achieve a positive learning experience and a healthy mind!

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